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Updated: Mar 3

The Lion's Club appreciates the returning paddlers from 2023 and beyond. Officials in charge at the finish line, however, need to be able to confirm your number so you can be eligible to win your hard-earned portion of the $5,000+ prize pool up for grabs in 2024, or the bragging rights and beer-wagers set against friends and family further back in the Rat Pack. The rule (Rule 7, Athol-Orange Rat Race Official Rules) reads:

"Old numbers from previous Rat Races must be removed. Failure to remove old number will result in disqualification."

To review the official rules, visit our Rules Page, or download the official rules document HERE

Unless you're unreasonably lucky (or unlucky) like Paul Franz and Adam Orth who drew Post #197 in both 2016 and 2017, race officials will be enforcing Rule 7 without question in 2024. Please take the time to remove your old numbers!

Image Credit: Adam Gardner Orth, 2017 River Rat Race

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