Results 2018


​Saturday River Rat Race April 14, 2018
Top 40 Winners

Place Postion Name Column1
1 62P Ben Schlimmer and Trevor Lefever
2 83P Mike Davis and Shane McDowell
3 8P Al Shaver and Bruce Lee
4 153P Adam Gelinas and  Ryan Zaveral
5 51P Peter Heed and Paul Facteau
6 76P Dylan Kirk and Luc Mercier
7 213P John Berry and Brent Lyesuik
8 88 Joe Schlimmer and Brianna Fitzgerald
9 11MP Mary Hamilton and Matt King   
10 79A Seth Miller and Stephen Miller
11 60P Jason Gauthier and Jason Lichtenberger
12 200R Patrick Madden and Jimmy Pellerin
13 134P Dennis Carey and Dale Persons
14 170P Nick Lyesuik and Doug Howard
15 174M Emma Ellsworth and Jack Morse
16 152P Ed Euvard and Joel LaCroix
17 2RYA Colin Fish and Zach Fish
18 115YAR Jerry Madore and Gus Madore
19 108PM Rebecca Davis and Simon Dessureault
20 10PG Phoebe Reese and Sylvie Nadeau
21 97P Jeff Defeo and Sarah Lessard
22 61P Ken Goodwin and Ryan Goodwin
23 78P Dan Smith and Steve Drew
24 23P Lloyd Sanderson and Dave Candorpe
25 24PG Vicki Cummings and Pam Fitzgerald
26 115 Jerry Madore and Gus Madore
27 149 Will Stevens and Justin Noodles
28 175 Rod McLain and Gary McLain
29 177P Tom Ellsworth and Tim Garland
30 107A Mark Williams and Charley Brackett
31 199 Dave Dugas and Kyle Smith
32 58M Travis Wheeler and Terese Wheeler
33 56P Matt Payne and Nathan Payne
34 75P Kyle Simmington and Brendon Stoddard
35 204PM Tom Payne and Sandy Superchi
36 197M Sandy Harris and Michael Fairchild
37 208 Steve Talbot and Bill Ellsworth
38 89 Jerry Whaland and Ken Streb
39 42P Steve Gage and Scott Gilligan
40 3RM Michelle Swan and Joe Sumner
41 146R Billy McDonald and Tom Carey
42 198PYAM Leah Baxter and Chuck Baxter
43 121R Josh Chittenden and Darryl Lipinski

Women Division
Place Postion Name
1 10G Phoebe Reese and Sylvia Nadeau
2 24G Vicki Cummings and Pam Fitzgerals
3 201G Valerie Hamlet and Dianna Dugas
Mixed Division
Place Postion Name
1 88M Brianna Fitzgerald and Joe Schlimmer
2 11M Mary Hamilton and Matt King
3 174M Emma Ellsworth and Jack Morse

Aluminum Division
Place Postion Name
1 79A Stephen Miller and Seth Miller
2 107A Mark Williams and Charley Brackett
3 51A Peter Heed and Paul Facteau

Canvas Division
Place Postion Name
1 122C Bob Allen and Tim Allen
2 63C Kevin Bittenbender and Eric Walker
3 80C Graeme Richard and Trett Collins

Mixed Recreation Division
Place Postion Name
1 58MR Travis Wheeler and Terese Wheeler
2 3MR Michelle Swan and Joe Sumner 
3 36MR Amy Thornton and Eric Jones
Men's Recreation Division
Place Postion Name
1 2R Colin Fish and Zachary Fish
2 115R Jerry Madore and Gus Madore
3 139R Paul Dyka and Del Cummings

Women's Recreation Division 
Place Postion Name
1 201RG Valerie Hamlet and Dianna Dugas
2 12RG Julie Marcoulier and Jessie Marcoulier
3 25RG Molly St. Clair and Cristin Garcia

Forand/ Soucie Memorial - Most Canoes passed
213 John Berry and Brent Lyesiuk John
Passed 206 canoes

James Canning Memorial - Youth and Adult
2 Colin and Zach Fish
Came in position #17 - 1st youth and adult 

44 90MP Phil Stevens and Molly Stevens
45 47P John Casale and Jim Roberts
46 132R Brett Jeffery and Zach Stange
47 165R Robert D'Armagnal andMike Leedberg 
48 122C Bob Allen and Tim Allen
49 36RM Amy Thornton and Eric Jones
50 194P Alec Davis and Roger Henry
51 181A David Phelps and Greg LeBlanc
52 64R Andrew Ellis and Ian Sisson
53 113P Brian Newton and Chris Jellison
54 17MR Doug Glover and Faith Glover
55 41R Clark Drake and Ashley Drake
56 140YARM Chad Starbach and Samantha Starbach
57 30R Eli Jameson and Lucas Savoy
58 179A Roland Jean and roger Ballard
59 212RYA Chris Waslaske and Chris Waslaske Jr. 
60 69R John Marcoulier and Nathan Gladu
61 67MR Sue Piro and R. Jeffries Anderson
62 9R Justin Starbach and Lucas Starbach
63 201GR Valerie Hamlet and Dianna Dugas
64 93A Shawn Thompson and Tom Smith
65 28R Jason Gobar and Richard Ciaschini
66 26R Jeff Ferranti and Carter Ferranti 
67 45R Sue Piro and R. Jeffries Anderson
68 70MR Ann Hull and Adam Hull
69 21R John Marcoulier and Nathan Gladu
70 98R Neil Wheeler and Skip Tobin
71 12GR Julie Marcoulier and Jessie Marcoulier
72 74(?) James Clune and Beth Price (Gas & Plumbing)
73 87R Jimmy Donnelly and Danny Donnelly
74 101PM Josh Buell and Corlen Riri
75 72R Robert Mackay and Cy Berlin
76 63 Kevin Bittenbender and Eric Walker
77 7R Kyle MacEwean and Michael Butler
78 160A Jeff Donnelly and James James
79 188A Adam Orth and Paul Franz
80 49R Rusty Smith and Jamie Jordan
81 59R Eric Greene and Eric Newton
82 29MR David Gautautis and Shannon McKeon
83 206R Mike Butler and Jeff Roberts 
84 169A Nick Scribner and Kyle Killay
85 1R Mike Anderson and Cameron Coych
86 66R Joel Shaughnessy and Henry Shaughnessy
87 77R Craig Twohey and Bill Marshall
88 80 Graeme Richard and Trett Collins
89 25RG Molly St. Clair and Cristina Garcia
90 86R David Fromm and Chris Weaver
91 32R Jamie Woods and Ruben Mercaodo Lugo
92 4R William LaRose and Charlie Starrett
93 143MR Beth Duguay and Chris Duguay
94 33R Andy Brooks and Joshua Cyganiewicz
95 144MR Sonja Olbert and Bill Waterhouse
96 187R Dustin Guyer and Dana Guyer 
97 209R Alex Mackay and Sheldon Baker
98 37RA Kevin Shortis and Jessie Marquardt
99 27MR Rebecca Coffin and Jay Franklin
100 166R Dave Ambrose and Mike Leedberg
101 172R Dave Bolduc and Shane Stowell
102 15R Bill Brisbois and and Bill Brisbois Jr. 
103 71GA Priscilla Reinertsen and Cheyenne Voudren
104 14MA Matthew Cody and Lauren Cody
105 190R Galen Nelson and Nathaniel Belmont
106 55MA Clark Drake and Ashley Drake
107 111P Jaret Thiem and Timmy Allen
108 127P Joe Bullock and Jason Preneveau
109 171MR Michael Hill and Mikayala Goodwin
110 73A Dan Manjourea and Jordan Manjourea 
111 196MR Josh Heinemann and Katie Nolon
112 81R Corey Harris and James Brennan
113 92R David Riley and Chip Brown
114 103MR Alison Donnelly and Austin Siceva 
115 104R Zachary Tomer and Alexander Lyman
116 173R Alan Luoma and Andy Link 
117 117R David Lamoureaux and Kevin Lamoureaux 
118 142RM Patrick Donnelly and Trisha Donnelly
119 123M Chrisanne Buechele and Matthew Buechele
120 168R Evan Jobst and Nate Underwood
121 54R Nathan Canty and Pat Campy
122 43MR Kyle Sawin and Melissa St. Laurent
123 182RG Katie Clegg and Vicki Brooks
124 124R Dakota Lyman and Evan Hamlett
125 185M Cory Bastine and Jillian Bastine
126 44MR John Renwick and Jacque Renwick
127 178A Tom Hammond and Jeff Hammond 
128 129MR Barry Decker and Victoria Cudmore
129 110A Jason Avant and David Ballard
130 189R Joseph Arce and Ben Lindo
131 5R Paul Hake and Russ Thomas
132 114R Dennis Marcum and Gray Twombly
133 128RM Kate Lanou and Tyson Neukirch
134 16GR Evi Dechanbeau and Lea Ahaesy
135 120M Sarah Dolan and Tristen Lee
136 53R Travis Songer and Mario Capolongo
137 163GR Andrea Brooks and Amy Brooks
138 46 Jack Bassett and Joel Bassett
139 155RA Jerry Wayland and Ken Stoeb
140 RG135 Liz Warder and Jessenia Gonzalez tin
141 68R Doug Korb and Andrew Hart
142 191RM Jim Calabrese and Jennifer Underwood
143 96R Martin Fontaine and Bryan Coe Jr.
144 6MR Bob Wilson and Stacy Wilson
145 164MR Alyssa Berquist and Kenny Johnson
146 151RM David Esser and Lindsey Esser
147 74MR James Clune and Beth Price  
148 13R Corey Dumais and Mark Dumais
149 180R Gary Ring and David Smith
150 207A Justin Fellows and Jeremy Kleradio
151 193R Tyler Guerin and Austin Myers
152 34 Artie Billings and Bobby Koonz
153 126R Jeffrey Whyte and Steve Foster
154 102R Dan Bowers and Dave Price 
155 50R Steven Danowitz and Daniel Piazza
156 157RM Mike Leonard and Sun Kim
157 141RM Joe Perkins and Kay Siglos
158 109R Lew Rose and Ian rose
159 40MR Clinton Daniels and Alexis Daniels
160 131R Brandon J. Carpenter and Anthony Carpenter
161 20RA Jeremy Songer and Andrew Bezio
162 105R Jeromey Taylor and Zachary Robideau
163 137RM Tim Jaillet and Beth Jaillet
164 84RG Sabrina Vaitkevicius and Danielle Kreider
165 184R Chris Wiegert and Rich Gert
166 38R Jonathan Corbett and Margo Martin
167 147R Austin Smith and Matt Romanelli
168 19MR Peggy Bittenbender andPeter Renzlemann
169 2R02 Steve Hall and Phil Hebert
170 22RYA Leo Berthiaume and Ryan Berthiaume 
171 116RYA Brian McNamara and Aiden McNamara
172 39R John Richardson III and Josh Sullivan
173 158RM Florian Leopaldi and Sara Leopaldi
174 100RG Kena Vescovi and Tina McIntosh 
175 112RM Senator Anne Gove and Gary McComas
176 48R Emilee Melanson and Angelica Pelletier
177 210M Thomas Connors and Scarlet Decker
178 214MA Jordan Prickett and Veronica Johnson
179 57RG Linda Chaplin and Siobhan Nolan
180 136MR Lorell Trimby and Kurt Trimby 
181 145R Paul Riordan and Eric Robert
182 203GYA Brigitte Richards and Lillian Richards
183 183AG Sarah Schoulder and Steph Divito
184 156RG Kate Hickey and Heather Brissette
185 215R
186 176GR Jennifer Coverdale and Grace McCurn
187 159R Jonathan Sweeney and Jordon Smith
188 95GR Lee Leflamme and Karyn Jordan
189 148MR Cody Pease and Nicole Fuller
190 106GR Jennifer Landry and Katelyn Ellis
191 94R Steven Belanger and Joseph Williams
192 195RM Tia Bastine and Bryan Fratoni
193 119RM Molly Bremner and Ethan Bremner
194 82GR Jennifer Kovacevic and Janeen Kovacevic
195 167RM Joseph Schweitzer and Stacy Schweitzer
196 118MR Dallas Lefebvre and Nicholas Coutu
197 186GR Samantha Hutchins and Josie Giardina
198 192GR Jocelyn Songer and Molly Tomlinson
199 205RG Aly Lopez and Anna Claire Rogers
200 31R Mark Brower and Brian Prosser
201 161R Travis Perrett and Ryan Marceau
202 162R Dan Naughton and Cory Kleinbauer
203 133R Corey Chauvette and Josh Talbott
204 65R Raymond Dexter and Austin Barnstein
205 99R Paul Landry III and Brent Landry