Athol Lions Club Kayak Race



Registration is at 9 am at Riverfront Park, East River Street Orange, Ma. 200 feet east of traffic lights on South Main Street (Route 122).  $12.00 fee


Course is flat water and upstream approximately one mile and back.


The following information must be completed and submitted to the Lions member/agent prior to race.


One (1) trophy awarded to winner using 13'6" or longer kayak with overall width of 25" and over.

One (1) trophy awarded to winner using a kayak shorter than 13'6" with overall width of 25" and over.

Boats to be measured when taken out of the water by Lions member/agent.


(Please print clearly)


Name ________________________________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________________


E-Mail _________________________________  Phone #______________________________


I, as a contestant, fully understand that my personal safety and equipment are the sole responsibility of myself. Any loss of, or damage to, my person or equipment, regardless of the circumstances involved, is to be considered my responsibility. I have received and read the Official Rules. I also hereby waive and forever release all related organizations, race directors, other sponsors, agents, representatives from all claims or cause of action which at any time I acquire as a result of participation in said event. I attest I am physically healthy and sufficiently trained to participate.


Date:  _________________    Signed ____________________________________   Age_____



Official Rules and Data

Kayaks must be traditional recreational type

Life Jackets must be worn.

Kayaks must have a 6-8 foot safety line on both ends.

The official judges reserve the right to make all final decisions.

Trophies and cash prizes to be presented immediately following the conclusion of the race.


Registration Number ;___________________________




Registration Number:___________________________